Agile Transformation (book)

No two organisations are the same even in the same sectors, but all are focused on common objectives provide product or service, create consumer engagement, transact and establish consumer engagement lifecycle.

Agile Transformation

In the cover image of the shoal of fish we are witness instinct, but why? Well, it’s easier to swim in large groups it reduces friction, so they conserve energy. It also makes it easier to find food and eat. Lastly, it’s a defensive position against most predators.

Humans also operate by instinct in work. Large groups of people with a common and agreed way of working creates comfort, it makes life easier knowing how you fit in even if it’s not where you want to be at least you know.

People have psychological safety in their current ways of working and changing that has a huge impact on their identity, how they relate to their colleagues, their sense of value, their surety around the future all, which impacts their response to change. Your change strategy then determines if you’re working with secure adults or insecure and defensive people actively working against the interests of the enterprise.

Agile Transformation back cover